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One month later: a Boston Bombings survivor's new mission


It's been one month since the Boston Marathon Bombings and local woman who survived the deadly day has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of others.

Just feet from the finish line with the first bomb exploded, Demi Clark of Fort Mill, says she's been taking it day by day since then.

"One night it's waking up in a cold sweat at three in the morning and having a bad dream and the next it's sleeping like a baby," she said.

Her husband and two daughters were on the opposite side finish line. Since then, Demi said they're working to establish a new normal. 

"You kind of come home and you feel a little alien," she said.

Their efforts are shaped by the realization of just how fragile life really is.

"What was my normal before," she pondered. "Was I really present everyday? Was I really showing up to my life everyday?"

Her goal now? Be present and purposeful -- every, single day.

"Your purpose is in front of you," she said. "It's just a matter of how much you want to look and find it."

Demi's purpose -- of making a difference in the lives of others -- is already paying off.

"Governor Haley's office called last week," she said

She's been tapped for a statewide task force to combat the rising problem of childhood obesity.

"How can we get access for children who don't have access to healthy eating, fitness programs," she said. "How can we do that?"

Meantime, Demi continues to run -- in fact she's already signed up for her next marathon!

"I just feel this responsibility to get outside and keep running," she said. "I have two legs that help me run and I need to be an example."

What also keeps her going? The words of a new tattoo, "Still I rise" from a famous Maya Angelou poem stamped on her upper right shoulder --  and a profound sense of gratitude for the second chance she's been given.

"The message I'm trying to spread to others is no matter what happens, you know I still rise,' she said. "So get up and get after it."

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