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Meck Chair wants audit, assessment and review of county operations


The Chair of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners says she'd like to see a national firm conduct a widespread audit and assessment of county departments.

"The county has never done it, which is shocking to me" says Chairwoman Pat Cotham. "So that would be a way to become more efficient and save money."

Cotham says she will recommend the idea to Board members when "we hire - if we hire a consultant."

The Board Chair wants the consultant to do a public request for proposal {RFP} for a national consulting firm that will do an assessment and review of operations.

She says if approved the audit, assessment, and review will likely take about a year to complete.

"I don't know if it will be all departments" Cotham says. "But you know we have to get some advice on which departments."

Cotham believes an audit and assessment will "get things on better track."

"It's mainly looking at processes in place" the Chairwoman says. "Certainly audit of financial part will be part of it - but you just audit everything - operations. We will probably find problems. I know we'll find some problems."

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