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Can Meck commissioners move forward after contentious meeting?


Insults, accusations, and yelling are the hallmarks of the latest Mecklenburg County Commissioners meeting. Can commissioners heal the rift that has developed on the board?

A day after the emotional, contentious meeting - WBTV caught up with some commissioners and asked what will it take to fix the Board?

"That's an interesting question" says Commissioner George Dunlap. "I think the best thing that can happen for us is that our chair would step aside."

Chairwoman Pat Cotham says "I think there are a few members – 2 or 3 members – that did not want change" adding, "it just takes time and the main thing is the majority of the board want things to be better. The majority of the board wants accountability from county to citizens."

Commissioner Dumont Clarke says from his perspective "I think we all have to calm down. I think we have a difficult budget ahead. I think we need to let bygones – as much as possible – be bygones."

But what happens when it's members of the same party going at each other?

And why are democrats in-fighting?

"You know party lines are fine" says Commissioner Vilma Leake. "When you're working for the people of this community, you put party lines out of the way and that's what I have done. I deal with issues."

Commissioner Dunlap believes a republican on the board has divided and conquered democrats.

 "I think we look exactly like Bill James expected" says Dunlap. "Bill James has helped orchestrate this."

Chairwoman Cotham says it's a matter of tackling major issues like revaluation and mental health.

"These issues are not partisan issues"  Cotham says. "I've reached out to Republicans from the beginning to work with them and they're being very responsive and helpful."

County commissioners will meet again on Tuesday.

Time will tell if the insults, accusations and yelling are over.

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