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Forbes names Charlotte #8 on its Best Big Cities for Jobs list


When a community is rocked by recession - and as a bank town, we certainly were - recovery feels tedious.

But over the past few years, the jobs have been trickling back to Charlotte.

And now Forbes Magazine is patting us on the back for it, naming us number 8 on its list of Best Cities for Jobs.

A bout of hiring happening now is making Charlotte more diverse than it's ever been.

Insurance giant Metlife says it will add 1300 jobs to the marketplace.

Chamber of Commerce folks have been recruiting in China - the effort is working.

The largest IT firm in China - Pactera - just said it will hire 200 in Charlotte.

Since 2009, virtually every business sector here has been on the rebound.
And the evidence is finally surfacing.

At a job fair earlier this month, hundreds of jobs up were up for grabs at companies like Time Warner Cable, GE, and Verizon.

Stores like Sam's Club are building again.
The retailer announced just today that it will hire 175 at a new store in Rock Hill.

And at a networking event last week at Siemens Energy -where they doubled their workforce last year, hiring 750 - we found multiple small manufacturers looking for workers.

Despite the losses we suffered during the banking crisis, overall, the Charlotte area has added 100,000 jobs since 2001.

Last year, the local job base grew just over three percent.

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