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See, Click, Fix: Restaurant Handicap Spaces Issue


A Gastonia restaurant has plenty of handicap parking spaces.  In fact, more than required.

The only problem:  they weren't put in the right place.

People have been filling up the parking lot at a new restaurant along Franklin Boulevard in Gastonia.  They say the food is excellent.

But some customers are having an issue...not with the food...but with parking.

Specifically, handicap parking.

One viewer writes See, Click, Fix and says the restaurant is a good place to eat, and there are plenty of parking spaces in front...but says the handicap parking spaces start at the very back of the building and they're further away from the front door as you can get and still be on their property. The viewer goes on to write, "If you are on a walker or have a breathing problem like I do, you cannot walk that far without having to stop several times."

So I contacted the Gastonia Building Codes Administrator.  According to Brian Pruitt, the handicap spaces meet or exceed all guidelines except one...they're not the shortest distance to the front entrance of the building as required.  Somehow that was accidentally overlooked when the spaces were put in.

Pruitt has spoken with the owners of the restaurant and tells me they didn't realize the spaces weren't in compliance and are now doing all they can to make the necessary changes.

I'm glad to report that the problem has now been See, Click, Fixed!  The restaurant has moved the parking spaces and is in full compliance with local guidelines.

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