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See, Click, Fix: U-turning semi's damaging man's property


For Gene Hoelscher the recurring problem on his property on Sutton Road in Fort Mill seems never-ending.

"I put three of these signs up at the same time. I keep straightening them up pretty much at the same time," says Hoelscher. "I say, 'Oh no. not again.' It just happens and happens and happens."

What he's talking about is this. Gene has had to replace or repair his mailbox more than a half dozen times. They don't stand a chance when it's 18-wheelers landing these TKO punches.

"THIS IS THE PROBLEM! [Truck drivers] ASSUME they can just go ahead and turn around and that's exactly what they do," Hoelscher explains. "They just pull in turn around run over mailboxes, signs, whatever, they don't care."

Semi's are using part of Gene's driveway and an open lot on his neighbor's private property to make a u-turn.

It's mostly because they missed their turn into the nearby Love's truck stop and this is the first open space they see to make a 180 degree turn.

The weight of the trucks has even crushing water lines undergound and affecting water flow too.

"When the water is really rowing it will come over our property right there and will go up like a river," says Hoelscher pointing toward his backyard.

Gene contacted See, Click, Fix to put a brakes on the problem after other agencies like the police said nothing can be done.

WBTV's Christine Nelson got South Carolina DOT to look at the site first-hand. They drew a mark-up of where Gene can legally install a gate to prevent trucks from entering...a roadmap of sorts to a problem - solved.

"I want to make sure it's safe and it's legal. We get that done I'll be a happy camper," agreeing to try SCDOT's suggestion.

Gene says he wants to be a good neighbor and is going to make sure the business next to him that owns part of that open space too is okay with him putting up a barrier.

If so, he says he'll move forward on DOT's suggestion to solve the problem.

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