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Brigida's Blog: You've joined TeamNOSugar - now what?


You've taken the first step – and decided you want to change your life. Kudos to you – because now the REAL work begins!

In theory, saying no to ALL processed sugars doesn't sound so bad. But the first (and second and third and, well you the picture) you're staring that chocolate, or French fries, or burger in the face – the gravity of the task at hand hits you.

I'll be honest.  This first week WILL be tough. You may experience headaches, maybe you're a little grouchy. Stay the course! It's just your body getting rid of the sugar. It's basically going through withdrawal. Now I know the FDA has classified sugar as a drug, but as far as I'M concerned – it is!

I mean, I'm admitted chocoholic and I've never met a carb I didn't like!

But I'm here to tell you – you CAN do this. Don't quit. Even if you slip up and have a bad meal, bad snack – heck, even a bad day. DO NOT QUIT. Brush it off and resolve to make a better choice the next time.

A few things to remember:

  • Fruit is your friend! I typically stick to berries, apples and the occasional mandarin orange, but do what works for you! Unlimited fruits and veggies!
  • ALWAYS have a healthy snack on hand. When that hunger hits you and you don't have good snack within reach, you're more likely to make a mad dash to the vending machine( or God forbid, the drive-thru!)
  • When in doubt, READ THE LABEL. If it has sugar in it – don't buy it. Companies are sneaky. Again, READ THE LABEL.
  • Don't be afraid to try new things! Before you say no to hummus, veggie burgers, avocado and other things you may have never tried – TRY it. Your success on this journey might just depend on it!
  • Let's move! Part of the reason I've lost so much weight (and inches) is because I work out most days of the week. Make it priority. No Excuses! Just get it done. Whether it's an hour or a 15 minute power walk on your lunch break. Move!
  • Logging your food each day helps. I swear by My Fitness Pal. You can either download the app or log on from your computer. My username is brigidamack. Friend me so you can see what I do –and to stay encouraged!

30 days, no processed sugar. Let's do this! We're in it together, folks. And remember: NOTHING taste as good as being in the body of your dreams FEELS. Remember – especially for those times, the sugar is calling your name!

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