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Volunteers key to making summer camps run

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The summers are busy for this Charlotte teacher.

When Courtney Blosser is not in her first grade classroom, she is busy at a Charlotte YMCA.

"If you can offer them any extra support than you should do that," said Blosser.

Last summer, she signed up be a teacher volunteer for the Y readers program.

The Huntintowne Elementary School teacher volunteered six weeks and fell in love with her job.

"I love reading," said Blosser. 

"I want our children to love reading and I think that for some of our struggling readers that is an amazing program."

The YMCA's Y Reader's program is just one month away.

"This summer we are going to be located at 10 schools across the greater Charlotte area," said Blair Campbell, YMCA communications and partnerships specialist.

The program preps students for the next reading level and helps struggling readers retain information usually lost over the summer.

"They will lose two to three months of what they've learned before, so if they are right on grade level so they start the year below grade level," said Blosser.

But the literacy program will not be able to undertake its summer schedule without the help of volunteers.

"We need volunteers to sit with students one on one and make sure that they are continuing to develop their literacy skills," said Campbell.

Volunteering is only one day a week for six weeks.

And volunteers don't have to worry about coming up with a lesson plan.

"We have certified teachers from within the schools that we partner with who are coming up with the lessons and teaching the lessons," said Campbell.

But there is more to it.

When Blosser helps the children, it gives her a sense of satisfaction.

"They create lasting relationships with our children and really motivate them to do better."

Y Readers program is free to the students and the families involved with the program.

Applications for the summer volunteer program are available http://www.ymcacharlotte.org/programs/socialresponsibility/giving/yreaders.aspx

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