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Students disciplined after racist message seen on school bus


Four students have been disciplined after a driver riding behind a Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (CMS) school bus in Huntersville took a picture of a racist message. She says she was in shock when she saw the homemade sign written on notebook paper.

"The sign read 'Every N-word shall perish,'" Driver Erica Mitchell said.  "I decided to follow the school bus to let the driver know what was going on."

Mitchell followed the bus into a subdivision to inform the bus driver of reading the message. She was not happy about the response she received after telling the bus driver about the sign.

"He asked the kids who did it," Mitchell said. "And the kids bust out laughing."

CMS says the bus with the sign was carrying students from Hough High school. Mitchell said Monday that she reached out to the school and got nowhere.

"The school told me that it was nothing they can do about it," Mitchell said. 

She thinks the people responsible should be punished.

"It's wrong on every level," Mitchell said. "And what makes me madder is those kids are in high school and they should know better."

On Tuesday, CMS officials told WBTV that they had completed and found that four students were responsible for the sign. Those students, the school said, have been disciplined.

In the meantime, CMS tells motorists if they see bad behavior on a school bus to call the district's transportation office immediately.

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