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Get the best fuel efficiency with our N Charlotte Toyota tips!

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No matter what kind of vehicle you have, making sure that your new Toyota near Charlotte is giving you the best-fuel efficiency possible is important! Even if you just purchased a used car in N Charlotte, you don't want your budget to suffer because gas prices are too high. Since prices seem to continuously be fluctuating anyways, having access to some tips and tricks to get the best gas mileage possible can only be helpful. By implementing a few small habits, you can easily make the most of every trip to the gas station so that you don't have to stop at one as frequently! 

Toyota of N Charlotte shares fuel efficiency tips!

Helping your vehicle get the best gas mileage possible doesn't have to be difficult. A few key changes to your driving habits can significantly help improve the kind of fuel economy your new Toyota is able to achieve! 

  • Make the most of auto service
  • Practice safe driving techniques 
  • Combine trips as much as possible

By implementing these habits on a regular basis, you can help make every journey last longer by not needing to stop at the gas station as frequently. When it comes to making the most of auto service near Charlotte, regular routine maintenance can quickly make a positive difference on fuel economy.

  • Studies have shown that having the correct tire pressure can improve fuel efficiency by 3 percent!
  • Getting the air filter checked and replaced on a regular basis can help fuel economy by as much as 10 percent. 
  • Bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance at Toyota of N Charlotte! It can help your vehicle perform at its highest level, and also let you know if anything is running out of the ordinary that could hurt day-to-day performance and needs to be fixed. 

Safe driving in your new Toyota helps fuel economy!

Did you know that being a safe driver is not just smart, but economical? Following the speed limit alone can make a positive difference when it comes to fuel economy. The efficiency of gas mileage begins to decrease when someone is driving at higher speeds. Maintaining a consistent moderate speed is one of the best ways to get the best fuel economy possible. 

Having extra clutter in your new Toyota near Charlotte can also have a negative impact on fuel efficiency. Why? Not only can having too many items be distracting to the driver, but they also create extra weight and make your new Toyota work harder. Take some time to clean out the backseat and trunk, and enjoy the extra miles to the gallon you get because of it!

Finally, try to make the most of every trip you take. You'll definitely save gas if you're able to carpool or combine multiple errands into just a few stops. Not having to take your vehicle out all the time will help every full gas tank last a little bit longer!

Have any questions about fuel efficiency, or how to help your vehicle get the best mpg possible? Give our Service Department a call at (888) 378-1214! If you want to update your current transportation to a newer ride that starts off giving better gas mileage, come down and see us to start test-driving some fuel efficient new Toyota. We're located at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville and can't wait to see you!


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