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How to enhance the performance of your N Charlotte Toyota Prius

N Charlotte Toyota Prius N Charlotte Toyota Prius
2013 Toyota Prius 2013 Toyota Prius

Did you know that your 2013 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte is actually equipped with three different drive modes so you can tailor your hybrid's performance to your preferences? That's right – the ECO, EV, and Power modes are three separate options that each enhance a specific aspect of your drive time… it's just up to you to decide which is most important. Luckily, Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain each drive mode in detail and help you hit the road!

Which Toyota Prius drive mode will you choose to use? 

Despite which drive mode you choose for your new Toyota Prius in N Charlotte, you know you're going to be getting quite a performance. This new Toyota hybrid is renowned worldwide for its fuel efficiency, and offers drivers an outstanding 50 mpg combined to save big-time at the fuel pumps. It also cuts down on harmful emissions, making it one of the most eco-friendly options on our lot. Let's explore the different drive modes, and how they affect your car's performance! 

Power Mode: This particular mode won't do much for the already excellent fuel efficiency of your N Charlotte Toyota Prius – instead of concentrating on getting the mpg's up, it instead gives you a more powerful performance by increasing the throttle response so you can easily keep up with the flow of traffic. This mode is perfect for when you're accelerating, like when you're merging your new Toyota onto a highway. 

EV Mode: This drive mode on the 2013 Toyota Prius near Charlotte offers a way for your vehicle to run on electricity alone, solely powered by the electric motor under the hood. This allows you to save fuel, cut down on emissions, and enhance your fuel efficiency. However, it's best if you use this mode when you're moving at slow speeds (like sitting in traffic or idling at a light), as it won't give you much in the way of acceleration or distance. 

ECO Mode: When you utilize this drive mode on your new Toyota Prius, you'll find that you're making the most of fuel efficiency (this is definitely the drive mode for you go-greeners). It changes the throttle response accordingly and even modifies functions like air conditioning to give you the best fuel efficiency possible. If you want to save on gas, then this is the mode for you. It's perfect for when you take your new Toyota hybrid around town and drive at moderate speeds, and it's been reported that this mode can save you 10-20% more fuel if utilized regularly! 

Get plenty of options with this N Charlotte Toyota hybrid

When you start your 2013 Toyota Prius, you'll be in the "normal" drive mode – in order to utilize the other three, you have to actually choose to put them into motion. However, it's as simple as the push of a button! 

Want to learn more about this new Toyota hybrid and all the incredible driving experiences it has to offer? Visit Toyota of N Charlotte! We're located at 13429 Statesville Road, and we're just off I-77 at exit 23. Stop by today!


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