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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Funding for Education -- Find a Better Solution

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"Speak Out" is an expression of opinion from the Editorial Board of WBTV, and is presented by General Manager, Nick Simonette.

Let the games begin.

Recently, county leaders told Charlotte-Mecklenburg school leaders they will have to compete with Central Piedmont Community College for the same limited dollars to help pay for growth.

Both want hundreds of millions of dollars to expand.

The county has outlined the rules of the game and, of course, CMS has an issue with them.

And we do as well.

The problem is CMS' rules are somewhat different than the county's.

We took a look at the county's rules.

And the bottom line: the more "points" a project gets, the more it will become a priority.

Here's one rule stood out for us:

If a project needs zero dollars from the county, it automatically gets 15 points.

Well, that rule alone put CMS at a disadvantage.

CMS gets all of its money to build from the county.

We understand the county wants to get a handle on debt.

But what we don't get is the county dictating to both CMS and CPCC how they should run their businesses.

Now here's our solution...We think the county should give CMS and CPCC a certain amount of money to spend and let them decide which projects should go first.

CMS leaders say they will continue to work with county leaders over this matter.

And we hope that happens.

And if you don't like this game, talk to your county leaders about it.

As things stand right now, there will be winners and losers. 

And we don't want the students to come out on the short end.

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