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On Your Side advice: Cleaning up your inbox

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When it comes to emails, the newer ones always get the attention.

"Some emails are important; they need to be dealt with right away," said Dmitri Leonov with Sanebox. 

"Some can wait and others should be just deleted."

Just like with your closet, you'll be happier with your inbox if it only holds what you need.

And by just taking a few moments to set up a theme or alerts, experts say you'll be clutter free in no time.

So, if you're going to clean your inbox, the best place to start is with your oldest messages.

"You absolutely have to archive," said Leonov.

Archived messages are still in your account, but they will no longer show in your inbox.

Getting organized will save you time when looking through your inbox.

"The average person today gets about 110 emails per day," said Leonov.

"Now everyone is spending 13 hours a week which is almost 30 percent of our time doing this (cleaning)."

Next, look for time wasting offenders.

"It could be newsletters; it could be notifications but its legitimate things that you signed up for," said Leonov.

"It's the new spam."

Once you've decided which newsletters you want or don't need, consider creating specific folders

"It's very important to filter out things that are not important," said Leonov.

Set labels where non-essential emails go automatically instead of showing up in your inbox.

Rather than assessing each email individually, save time by grouping messages.

"Kind of select all, scan through it to see if anything captures my attention and just hit delete."

Congratulations! Now your inbox is clean, but the real trick is keeping it that way.

"There's always more coming in no matter how fast you are cleaning it," added LKeonov. 

"More emails will keep coming."

Overhauling your inbox takes some time, but creating an organized system inbox will let you spend time and energy on the emails you really need to read.

If keeping up with your emails is too much there are always companies you can hire like www.sanebox.com that do the filtering for you.

They do this based on your email patterns.

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