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Catawba County's Riverbend Park still closed due to flooding


Despite cleanup efforts on Friday, Riverbend Park in northern Catawba County will remain closed.

Officials are concerned about turbulent waters that are still above normal. "As long as the flood gates remain open in the Oxford Dam, we can't take the chance," said Blair Rayfield, Jr., who heads of the Park Programs for the county.

High water caused a lot of damage to the park from washing out some trails to mangling the fence in the dog park. The water was the highest it has been since the remnants of two hurricanes came through the area in 2004.

Debris can still be seen across the park despite cleanup efforts. "We're getting there," said Rayfield.

The biggest damage, though, appears to be  where the fishing deck was. The entire deck, except for a couple of boards, is gone. Total damage to the park is in the thousands of dollars, said Rayfield.

Officials hope to have the park open soon but will wait until all the floodgates are closed upstream and until the trails have been repaired and anything dangerous has been removed.

"The safety of our patrons is the most important thing," said Rayfield. County officials will review the situation day-to-day.

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