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Parents fighting to keep Teacher Assistants


Some Providence Spring Elementary school parents are on a mission. They have started a petition to keep Teacher Assistants (TA's) on the job.

NC Governor's budget includes slashing 3,000 of them to make ends meet. In Charlotte - Mecklenburg school district (CMS) about 400 TA's could be on the chopping block.

"I think there would be a giant hole." CMS parent Julie Knafelz said.

Knafelz signed the petition. She says TA's have played a major role in her son's education. He has special needs and his teacher assistant keeps him on track.

"That person helps them when the teacher is helping other students," the parent said. "Helping with reading groups, helping with math."

Parent Julie Cho came up with the idea of a petition.  She wants to save all Teacher Assistants especially the 15 at Providence Spring Elementary.

"We wanted to say to these legislators," Cho said. "Tell our governor, one of the keys to our success is these teacher assistants and we wanted to get the word out and let them know they are vital to our success."

Cho thinks a petition is a good way to save the TA's.

"I think it is the most effective way," Cho said. "To get a lot of people on board."

So far more than 400 people have signed. The moms would like more to sign to help prove their point, people are concerned about TA's.

They have sent the petition to lawmakers and so far no one has reached back out to them.

"It's frustrating," Knafelz said. "Because the petition covered so many points, and to have them not react - it is frustrating. At least let us know your thoughts and maybe we can do some things together."

WBTV contacted State Senator Malcolm Graham and he says he has not responded because he has not seen the petition.

While parents are fighting to keep TA's on the job - CMS is thinking about reducing Teacher Assistants' hours and/or working days to save some positions.

The petition can be found at

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