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Gridiron mom gives back to the community


Mother's Day is this weekend. It's a time we celebrate mothers not just for their love and nurturing, but their selfless acts and their ability to give to others.

One local celebrity mom takes on vital issues and still finds time to balance the most difficult job of all: parenting.

When you first meet Kelly Davis, you feel as if you've known her for year.

This NFL wife is energetic, bold, and warm. Kelly is the wife of Carolina linebacker Thomas Davis. 

More than a football wife, Kelly achieved a success story of her own.

"I'm going to do something in my community if I have the free time," said Kelly. 

"I feel like I can just sit around and not help. That's what I'm supposed to be doing."

Her giving back starts at home.

"She'll substitute for our class," says Kelly's older daughter Skyye.

"We try to split our time and our giving," said Kelly.

"Then incorporate our kids' schedules because they're getting older and all their extracurricular activities and they want us there."

Then Kelly and her gridiron husband focus on the community.

They volunteer for organizations such as second harvest food bank, the sickle cell anemia foundation, and the muscular dystrophy association.

The Davis' also stay busy with their organization.

The Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation provides and promotes programs children's programs and a free summer football camp for kids in Charlotte.

During the off season Thomas is still attends practice and events, so a lot of the work falls on Kelly's lap.

Reporter: "Does your dad help clean?"

"No he's lazy," Thomas's kids say jokingly. 

"Sometimes he helps."

She'll admit that things are a bit easier now than when she was a single mother.

"I started out as a single mom," said Kelly. 

"I had Skyye when I met Thomas. She was two."

But she makes sure to pass on the values she learned to her own children.

"We tell them to pray about everything they do," said Kelly. 

"We tell them to make sure they are helping others."

And like most moms, when you ask Kelly Davis what she wants for mother's day, she says all she needs is some extra sleep. With four children, that's totally understandable.

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