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NEW OVERNIGHT: Woman falls off motorcycle and dies


Hello. It's the end of the week! Friday, May 10. This is Christine Nelson. I wanted you to have the first look at the stories we're covering this morning. I went over the rundown it's a jammed packed show. Tune in from 4:30-7:00 a.m. or watch the live stream on your smartphone, computer or tablet by going to

LIVE: We're reporting from west Charlotte this morning where a woman was killed in an unfortunate set of events. It involves a motorcycle she was riding and another vehicle but it's not a collision that caused her death. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee has details on what witnesses saw and how they responded to try to save this woman's life.

WBTV Investigation.

We don't say WBTV is "on your side" to sound cute. We file stories daily to keep you informed and safe. A WBTV investigation is resulting in action to get some sidewalks built where small two children were struck and killed last year. We'll tell you where the projects stands now after we probed the city for questions.

Suspended! The chief of police for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools appears to be in some hot water. So much so, the district suspended him pending the outcome of an investigation. We confronted Bud Cessna about the allegations and will share with you what his response was.


Just in time for the Mother's Day holiday we have a stories that is going to motivate other moms out there! WBTV's Astrid Martinez is interviewing a woman who "does it all!" She juggles a lot at home while running a local foundation for kids in need. Stay through our 6 a.m. hour so you can see the full report at 6:45.

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