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City proposes new ordinances for bars, nightclubs and restaurants

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Ask most Charlotteans about the city's now-vibrant night life and most will tell you they love it.

But you get a different response from the city's planning department who's currently revamping the ordinances for bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Brett Rice's fiancée owns a bar in NoDa and says initially they were against the proposed changes to the ordinances. 

"I'm pleased with the updates they've made," she said. "It's a one-stop shop for art, for music for dining and that's what we were concerned about. How can you regulate any of those?"

After a lot of complaints from business owners -- the city went back to the drawing board and unveiled new, more relaxed changes at a public meeting Thursday night.

Among them:

There must be a distance of 100-400 ft between business and the property next door only if they're playing outdoor music after 11 pm and only if it is a single family home next door.

Apartment complexes and condominiums don't count.

That's good news for Rice and other business owners.

"We'll be able to continue a strong business in NoDa and that's really important," she said. 

Residents like Will Darcy, who lives in NoDa agree.

"People live in NoDa for a reason," he said. "And that is to be here, the scene, the atmosphere. So if people have any issues with it, there's other places to live."

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