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Changing overtime pay for some workers?


There could be a new way to pay employees who work for the private sector.  Members of the House have passed a bill to change overtime pay.  The law would give employees the option to either get overtime pay or comp time.

Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger favors the bill and thinks this will empower families to take time off when needed - time that will best fit their schedule. 

"You may have young kids at home," Pittenger said. "Or go to a soccer game and you may need to go to the dentist or you have aging parents. This is a good bill for hard working American families. It gives those choices back to the families and employees."

While Pittenger thinks this will help families, some hourly workers are not so sure.

"I don't care for it," Hourly worker Ida Keir said. "I think employees ought to be paid what they deserve, but then if they want to take time off, they need to take time off, hopefully they will be able to do it."

The proposed law states employers will ultimately decide if workers can take the time off they have saved up for. Democrats are against this bill.  They believe this will cheat workers and claim it won't protect them.

President Barack Obama has said he would veto the bill if it passes the Senate.

Pittenger has his thoughts about why Democrats oppose the bill.

"They're being pressured by Unions," Pittenger said. "Unions want to control everything."

Representatives at the Employers Association think this is a good plan.  They claim this would be good for construction crews who work long hours in the summer and can take time off in the winter when business is slow.

The association also says this could be challenging for companies' human resources department.  They would have to rearrange their systems so they can keep a close eye on who is choosing overtime and who is choosing to take comp time.

Experts say they doubt this bill will pass in the Senate.

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