Mom accused of abuse says she didn't do it

Whitney Ann Weathers
Whitney Ann Weathers
William Howard Lail III
William Howard Lail III

LONG VIEW, NC (WBTV) - A mother who was arrested Thursday and accused of child abuse appeared in court in Newton Friday, and told WBTV she didn't do what she is accused of doing.

Whitney Weathers is the mother of the 18 month old boy that died last week in Long View. Her boyfriend, William Lail, has been charged with murder.

Warrants say the 18-month-old showed signs of "scalding injuries," both recent and from the past. The boy's three year old sister had similar wounds, according to court documents. She is recovering at a local hospital.

Weather's mother Gayle Ervin accuses Lail of controlling her daughter and not letting her get the children help. The warrants charging Weathers accuse her of not providing medical care for her children when they were injured.

She is not charged in connection with the murder.

Weathers said, "I love my kids with all my heart and I just want my baby back."  As to the events of last Friday she said, "I was at work and I came home and seen the burns and I tried to take em to the hospital but he wouldn't let me."

Weathers is free on $41,000 bond and has a next court appearance on May 30. Her family says they will stick behind her.

"I know she is a good mother, " said Gayle Ervin. "She is a victim," Weather's stepfather said the family will fight for her. "We back Whitney 100 percent."

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