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Fun finds at the flea market

You just never know what you're going to find at a flea market. Leeza Gibbons visited Barnyard Flea Market in South Carolina to find some true treasures!

"We always find the coolest stuff," says Gibbons. "You know, the things we don't really need, but somehow can't live without." 

Leeza finds a kid's teeter-totter rocker made in Italy.
"This is exactly the kind of unusual item that you look for at a flea market," says Gibbons.

And a blast from her own past, Gibbons finds a vintage Barbie doll.

"I've got a lot of Barbies," says Leeza. "See, now this one in the box is worth more than all of those out of the box."

Some dolls can sell for big bucks, especially those made of porcelain. And then there are those that just remind you of your own childhood and have sentimental value.

Gibbons finds a Little Miss Sweetie Pie doll.

"Now, she may not look like much. But she's got a few things going for her. This little gal might be having a bad hair day, but that just adds to her character," says Gibbons. "I've got to say, shopping at a flea market is fun!"

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