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Getting the most for your items at a consignment sale


This is the time of year you might clean out your closet or the kids toy box. It is hard to know what to toss, what to donate, and what to put into a yard sale.

More people are turning to consignment sales. Sellers get a percentage of the sale price and someone else does all the work.

One of the larger sales in our area is the Charlotte Moms of Multiples (CMOMs) sale. The next one will be held in August, click here for details.

We got our hands on some inside information from that organization that shows what sells best and how you can make the most money for your items at consignment.

"You're going to get more for your items than you would at a yard sale so you want to make sure you bring better quality," said Julie Mitchell who is heading up the August sale.

After the last sale Mitchell sent members a list of what sold well and what didn't. The top sellers were high chairs and bassinets.

"Those are great items you're going to get lots of money for and you know they're going to sell," Mitchell said.

They were followed closely by diaper bags, swings, gates, and baby carriers. These are durable items that can be cleaned well and don't really wear out after one or two children.

Breast pumps did NOT sell well, Mitchell said.

"It is an expensive item and it is very personal. If you want to sell those, do it on a person to person basis."

However, Mitchell adds that nothing will sell well if it isn't in good shape. You get more money for nicer, cleaner items. Her suggestion for those considering consignment is to price your items competitively.

"Be sure to have lots of light in the room you're tagging your items in, too. You want to be able to see easily if anything is stained or has holes," Mitchell said.

Following these rules, the average CMOM's seller made $418.

For advice on selling shoes, toys and books, watch the special web extra video on this page.

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