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CMS lay out its nearly $300M building plan


Mecklenburg County commissioners and Charlotte-Mecklenburg School board members plan to meet Tuesday night to talk about improvements needed to schools. CMS will discuss its nearly $300 million plan that involves building and renovating schools. The list consists of 18 projects.

On the list is Nations Ford Elementary school. It was built nearly 60 years ago and administrators say the school is overcrowded. 13 mobiles are now at the school to accommodate the student population. The principal says the school is showing its age and she is concerned.

"We really want to make sure this is a place," Nations Ford Elementary school principal Lenora Shipp said. "Where children can be and where teachers feel like they have a good working environment and children have a good learning environment. And right now, that's not happening."

County Commissioners will decide which CMS projects get funded. County Commission chair Pat Cotham says she won't comment on the list until she has heard from CMS leaders.

"I guess we will just wait and see what they say." Cotham said. "I know they have worked hard on their plan."

CMS is preparing for a bond referendum to happen this year. County leaders will decide if now is the time for the county to take on more debt to improve schools.

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