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How to spot a knock-off at the flea market

You can find just about anything at the Barnyard Flea Market in Lexington, South Carolina - antiques, collectibles, vintage clothes and accessories.

But buyer beware: No matter what flea market you go to, you want to be able to tell a real McCoy from a cheap imitation.

America Now's Leeza Gibbons visited the Barnyard Flea Market with purse aficionado, Nathaly Jacobs.

Jacobs can spot a knock-off even when many others can't.

"I was heading out of here, the flea market, and I noticed this Coach bag on the floor," says Nathaly. "I went ahead and bought it from the lady who was selling it. I asked her how much she wanted for it and she said three dollars."

Three dollars! An authentic Coach handbag sells for hundreds. So how did Nathaly know it's not a fake?

Nathaly says, "Inside the handbag it has the ID number, so I went online and [searched] it, and this ID did show up that it belongs to Coach and it was actually made at the Massachusetts plant."

You can go online and find the ID number for each authentic handbag, and it will be stamped on your bag.

The top stitching on a genuine bag will also be different than on the knock-offs.

Nathaly also says genuine Coach bags have heavy hardware that's stamped with the Coach name.

Next, Nathaly shows a fake Prada bag. She says one clue that the purse is a fake is the leather tag inside is missing the Prada name. Another clue is the lining. Genuine Prada lining would have the name Prada running horizontally across it.

The "Made in China" tag is also another giveaway.

But even with a trained eye, you may not be able to spot a fake if it's well-made, until you look inside.

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