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Rent designer baby clothes online

If you have children, chances are you have joined in the tradition of dressing them up for holiday pictures and parties. But some of those special outfits are expensive, especially if they are only worn once.

That's where a new website hopes to step in.

Borrow Baby Couture is a new website created by a mom who realized there was no way to simply rent a wedding tux for her baby.

"All of the options were either expensive, didn't fit, or didn't work, and we knew that he was going to grow out of it very quickly, probably even wear it once," says Heidi Lieske, creator of the operation.

Lieske and her husband now rent designer baby clothes on their website for a fraction of the price. You can rent an item for four to nine days, and Lieske says most items are rented for 15 percent of their retail price.

Francie Hodges, an East Texas photographer, says she sees how this service can be sensible.

"A lot of times families have photos made and they buy clothes specifically for that, and they'll never wear them again, and they can spend a lot of money on that," says Hodges.

Still, stores selling high-end clothes like the ones in Borrow Baby Couture say you can't replace the shopping experience.

"I feel like shopping for that special outfit, first of all, that's kind of like a special event because you're going out, you're getting the perfect Christmas dress, the perfect family picture outfit and so that's the excitement of it and that's the joy of it," says Jemilynn McKee, owner of Haute Totz children's clothing store in Tyler, Texas.

You also can't feel or try on any items bought online, but that's why Borrow Baby Couture says they have stylists so you get the perfect fit.

Lieske says she will even send two sizes, free of charge, if you can't decide which one will fit best.

But some shoppers aren't sure about having to send that special outfit back.

"I don't know that I would do it as a rental type thing just because I like to pass things on to nieces and nephews or even keep them for future kids and everything too," says Hilary Hymer, a mom and customer at Haute Totz.

Lieske only sells clothes for little girls, but she plans on expanding to boys clothes, too.

If you are worried about your kids getting a rental outfit dirty, Lieske offers an insurance plan that covers any damage to the clothes.

So far, Lieske says she has not had any accidents and hopes anyone who rents from her site will treat the clothes as their own.

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