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Safety tips for flood conditions

Here are some suggested safety measures for high water conditions:

People who live along lakes and rivers and in other low-lying areas or areas prone to flooding should pay close attention to local media for changing weather conditions and rising lake and river levels. 

Know your area's flood risk. During rains that have lasted for several hours or even several days, be attentive to the chance of flooding. 

High water conditions and debris can create navigational hazards and the public should use caution and adhere to the advice of local emergency management officials before going on area lakes or rivers. 

Those living along lakes and rivers should move loose objects away from the shoreline to prevent creating additional navigational hazards. 

Members of the public who have electrical service to facilities (piers, outside lighting on seawalls, etc.) on or near the water, should have a qualified electrical contractor de-energize this service to avoid injuries and equipment damage. 

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