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Which positions will MetLife be hiring for in Charlotte?


After the initial good news, there were some sour grapes in Charlotte when we learned that MetLife's highest paid positions are actually going to our northern neighbors.

MetLife execs have said that when it comes to six-figure salaries, there's a bigger pool of people in the Raleigh area qualified to receive them.

But MetLife candidate Barry Higgins says that's not necessarily a bad thing for all those in Charlotte who've had trouble finding work since the recession.

"They have a lot of entry-level positions," Higgins says. "I think that will actually help us out tremendously in the job market right now."

We caught up with Higgins directly after his interview with MetLife today at the company's temporary space in Southpark, and he thinks MetLife may be a great fit for workers looking for a chance to start over - MetLife told him they would provide training for all their new hires.

"You have to be in a position to be able to train people if you want the job done correctly, and from the interview that I just had, that's exactly what they're wanting to do," he says.

MetLife rep Shane Winn says the company is actively recruiting for 400 positions in Charlotte - that training will begin as early as July.

"By year's end, we plan to post approximately 600 Charlotte-based positions In Charlotte," Winn wrote in an e-mail Monday. "MetLife associates will be focused on our U.S. Retail business, which includes Retail Life, Retail Disability and Retail Annuity products. Positions available will include product development and support, product marketing, and customer and sales support."  

Click on this link for more information: www.metlife.com/careers.

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