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Look for bonus savings on receipts

For the past few years, more and more stores and restaurants seem to be offering bonus savings for your opinion. 

At a Dunkin Donuts, you may be asked specifically how your transaction went. For filling out an online survey within three days, the next donut you get with coffee will be free.  

At many fast food restaurants, the receipt is attached to the order. If you answer their online questions about your experience, you can get a free meal on your next visit.

And there's no limit to how many times you can do it.  

You're already a customer, so you like the place and are more likely than others to return. Receipt coupons are just added incentives to get you back in the store. 

There's more survey savings - at Wendy's, you can get two dollars off a large sandwich or salad, which can cut the cost in half. Then there's Dave and Buster's - their survey could be worth $10 of gameplay or a free appetizer. Old Navy's survey knocks 10 percent off your next order. 

Some receipts, like those from grocery stores, print coupons on the back that support neighboring businesses. Some receipts, like the ones from Petco, have big discounts on other products the store offers. And then there's the contests - your feedback could win you an iPad at Taco Bell, $500 at Ulta or a $5000 gift card at Lowe's. 

So let companies know what you think. Your opinion is valuable, otherwise these incentives wouldn't be available. Most of these offers are time-sensitive and need to be completed within a few days of your purchase. Surveys that give you redemption codes to write on receipts don't expire.

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