Garden growing tips to save money and reap more veggies this year

Many of us are getting our seedlings ready for the garden.  It's a great way to save on groceries and certainly a fun hobby to share with the kids.

Kevin Cutlip is always looking for inexpensive alternatives to pricey pots.  He scours yard sales and junk yards for just the right containers.  He used an old fountain for asparagus.  "I found this at the dump and I have asparagus growing in here and asparagus are invasive so I have them under control," Cutlip said.

He also helps stave off bugs and fortifies his tomato plants with a mixture of milk and water around the base.  He also says it's important how you get tomatoes in the soil, plant them deep. "These stalks down here will actually turn into root," he explained.

Instead of expensive fertilizers and pesticides, Cutlip uses other objects he's already got at home to help his plants.  He lights matches and puts them in the soil near his pepper plants to give the to the phosphorus they need to be healthy and producer a nice crop.  He says three matches will have him picking peppers until December.

Consider planting a veggie garden.  A few years ago a non-profit group estimated that for a seventy dollar investment you could reap as much as 600 dollars worth of veggies.  That's aiming high, but even if you get half as much you'll save and enjoy the sense of accomplishment a garden gives you.

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