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Grab a partner for a better workout, experts say


When the alarm goes off at 6 a.m., getting out of bed and heading to the gym may seem like an impossible task.

Good news!

Recent studies have found that exercising with a small group boosts motivation and it's more fun than doing it alone.

"The whole accountability piece of the pie really helps," says Barb Christie.

We all know the benefits of exercise both body and mind. says group exercise often leads to better results, especially if you are trying to accomplish a goal.

"The biggest benefit to group training is the comradery and how people can push to achieve more," says Rick Anderson the owner of

Your buddies or trainer also can help motivate you on those days when you really don't feel like exercising.

"The harder you work in those training sessions the better your results are going to be," says Anderson.

"I get to know my trainers and they really know me well," says Barb. 

"And we can adjust if I'm not feeling well or I didn't get a good night's sleep."

Workout partners can also provide the willpower necessary to keep on going during a tough sweat session.

"Because you're more likely to show up and if you show up your consistent and if you're consistent you're going to get results," says Anderson.

"They see people next to them pushing themselves hard, regardless of whether that's the same level of what they are at, and it inspires them to push themselves more."

And the biggest benefit of partner exercising for Barb Christie is, "I come here to look good."

Experts say with small group training people can share the cost of the trainer but not necessarily give up all the attention they would in large group training sessions/

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