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Ashley Batey Explains: What gives with the crummy weather lately?


For days now we've been seeing cloudy, gray skies; damp and drizzly weather and temperatures well below what we would have hoped for the start of May. 

So, what gives?

Blame the icky weather on the upper levels of the atmosphere, where an upper level low has been in no rush to move out of the Midwest. 

It's a pattern known as a "blocking" pattern, where high pressure in the upper atmosphere prevents an upper level low from moving on. 

In this case, the Midwest low has become a "cut-off low" where it continues to spin over the same area, bringing rain and clouds, but does not progress further East.  Still, it's expansive enough to send plenty of moisture in our direction, and is responsible for the lousy weather pattern we've been in. 

Dips in the jet stream can help expedite these systems, but in this case we're sandwiched in the middle of the polar jet stream to the north, and the subtropical jet to the south.  Both are running pretty much West to East, and not much is happening in the middle.  Thus, the stagnant weather pattern.

There is some good news, though.  Computer models are now suggesting that this low does finally push out of our reach on Friday, possibly bringing a little sunshine back into the forecast. 

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