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Brigida's Blog: When "digging deep" smacks you in the face

Ever have one of those days when you didn't want to work out? I'm talking a it's-like-pulling-teeth, I'd-give-my-firstborn-not-to kind of day!  

Well that was my morning yesterday. I really can't even explain it. Usually, I'm raring to go --even when I'm tired. But there was something, well, off. It took me FOREVER to get out of bed (hello, snooze button!) and then once I did, I kept making excuses. Even after I was dressed and standing at the door! Still. making. excuses.  

And suddenly, the words of my trainer came back to (haunt) me: "Brigida, sometimes your workouts are about just getting it done. You don't like it, you're not going to get it, you're just there to finish." In other words, this was about "digging deep" cause Lord knows the couch was calling my name!  

So, I decided to run a two mile loop through my neighborhood instead of going to the Y and getting on the treadmill (aka the run to nowhere). As always, the first 10 minutes are always the worst--at least for me. But something happened about halfway through. My endorphins kicked in, I turned my mind off and just ran.

Of course "Eye of the Tiger" playing on my iPod didn't hurt! Before I knew it I was staring down this beast of hill that's on the last leg of my run. Previously, I could get to the top of the hill but when I had to turn left and keep going up another one (although this one not nearly as steep) -- I would have to stop. Couldn't get all the way through. Until TODAY. 

The funny thing, I didn't even set out to conquer it. But there I was hitting that last incline and for the first time, it didn't feel like my heart was going to burst right out of my chest! I had this huge grin on my face -- well as huge as it could be given that I was breathing like a dragon!  

I couldn't believe it!! I actually threw my arms up over my head when I got back home "Rocky" style. WHAT a moment. A milestone! I even posted the pic you see on the right on Instagram because I was SO proud. 

And to think I was going to skip out on my workout!

But maybe that was the point. The lesson. That you never really know what "digging deep" is until it smacks you in the face.  

Nothing left to do now, but conquer the next "hill." That's what it's all about folks. Facing each challenge, each test head-on. Who knows? Maybe today is your day to conquer a "hill" in your life. You won't know unless you try.  

So--what are you waiting for?!  

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