Students get pre-prom course in safety

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - The best part about getting arrested for Colt Corley was that Colt was able to keep his freedom.

"I'm going to have to go a sobriety test which I will fail and I will be cuffed and stuffed," said Colt.

"Local law enforcement is bringing golf carts with drunken goggles and simulates drunk driving."

Schools in county are using the day before their prom night to make sure kids stay safe.

The mock sobriety test and arrest are intended to shock students into making better decisions after prom.

"It's sort of a subconscious thing that we are doing hoping that we help everybody out and save some lives," added Colt.

Colt and Katie Thompson are SADD Members, students against destructive decisions.

They are helping put on Safe & Sober Prom Day project.

"I hope that no matter what happens tomorrow that at least one person will think twice before they do something," said Katie.

Besides alcohol use, the lessons at the event will also cover fake wrecks, funerals, seatbelt use and texting while driving.

"Hopefully we can at least give them some education on why they shouldn't," said Officer Dallas Hicks with Iredell County Sheriff's Office.

"Even the aspect of having a plan and know what to do if you get in those situations."

Officer Hicks also works with SADD and is glad to see so many teens get behind the organization's mission.

"The best part about it for me is that the kids are taking it over and running it," said Hicks.

"They are buying into it they know why it's important and they care about the other students."

Katie and Colt say the goal of the presentation is to give students a sense of how making bad decisions on alcohol can affect several lives.

"Our goal tomorrow is to save lives and make people think twice," said Katie.

Officials want to remind prom-goers and their parents to have a safe, sober ride planned for after prom.

They tell me they are prepped for prom season with alcohol compliance checks.

And will also be monitoring businesses selling alcohol to minors.

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