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Foam cups make a perfect canvas

BELMONT, NC (WBTV) - Art Cozart started "doodling" on a Styrofoam cup one day while taking a break from his job as a U.S. Airways baggage handler. "I drew a picture on it and I kind of showed it around and everybody said hey that's good," said Cozart.

What started as a simple way to pass the time during breaks, turned into more than a thousand foam cups painted with everything from the 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club, to a stunning portrait of the late Dale Earnhardt.

The only training Art has ever had as an artist, came from a high school art class.

"It's a God given talent. God gives everybody something they can do well, and for some reason he's given me this," Art said.

His cups go to friends as gifts. They've also been displayed in local art galleries. Currently, they're on display at the Belmont Historical Society. For more information, check out their page at

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