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NC NAACP has harsh words for NC GOP

The head of North Carolina's NAACP came to Charlotte with both guns blazing.

Reverend William Barber chastised the current republican leadership in Raleigh and called  Governor Pat McCrory and Speaker Thom Tillis

modern day George Wallace's by comparing them to the once segregationist Alabama governor.

"Let the people vote. Let the people have medicaid.Take care of the sick," he said. "You are operating in the same spirit of George Wallace. You are using the same tactics."

Earlier this week, Barber and more than a dozen demonstrators were arrested at what was billed as a pray in at the state legislative building.

They were protesting the state's proposed voter ID bill.

The legislation already approved in the North Carolina house, now headed to the Senate.

The governor is expected to sign it.

Among those taken to jail was Dr. T. Anthony Spearman who is a Hickory minister and member of the school board.

" I believe that the avalanche of regressive public policies that are occurring at the hands of the general assembly are both deplorable and immoral," he said.

The purpose of Barber's visit to Charlotte was to build consensus among local pastors to challenge legislation  they say would erase civil rights gains.

Reverend Kojo Natambu heads up the Charlotte NAACP.

He said, "We're trying mobilize as many ministers as well as lay people to join us as we come together against the general assembly."

Barber admits this week's demonstration isn't the only planned exercise in civil disobedience, and is looking for bi-partisan support.

"It's not about democrat or republican now. This is about the soul of the state," he said.

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