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District Attorneys from across North Carolina want more resources


Prosecutors from across North Carolina are making a plea for help.  It order to adequately protect us all from violent crime  they say they need more resources.

They're driving that message home with a video that is difficult to watch.

It shows the victims of violent crimes.  There are photos of them in happier days, juxtaposed against photos of their bodies at crime scenes.

Prosecutors hope to send home the message that their jobs are difficult, trying, and mentally draining.

The 44 district attorneys across the state of North Carolina say they need more resources including more money and additional prosecutors on the job to reduce case loads so they are better able to protect North Carolina residents.

"Prosecutors are in the trenches every day.  On the front lines fighting evil.  So the public has to understand we need the resources, and prosecutors and the money so we can get the best and brightest to protect this community," said Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray.

The DA's are asking lawmakers, local government,community leaders, faith-based organizations and business leaders to come together to promote crime prevention and to support the criminal justice system.

To read their full strategic plan, click here.

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