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"Mad About Modern" Home Tour


Walk into any one of the eight homes to be featured in the upcoming Mad About Modern Home Tour in Charlotte, and you'll feel like you've been transported in time…like you've magically entered that ultra-cool era portrayed in the popular series Mad Men.

From 1945 to 1965, the streamlined design you see in the show and in these homes flourished.

Today it's called mid-century modern, and Wayne Tobola has always wanted a home built with the authentic aesthetic. Moving here, to a city not exactly known for preserving architecture, he feels lucky to have found it.

"Moving to Charlotte, knowing there wasn't a lot of them, I tried to keep an open mind," he says. I walked in here, the place smelled bad, it needed a lot of work, but I still fell in love in two minutes."

A big reason why - the architecture of the period blends indoor and outdoor spaces.

One nice thing about mid-century modern is you've got the natural wood, the brick, so there's a lot of organic things that come through as well as floor to ceiling windows that bring the oustide in," Tobola says.

And Nicole McBeth of Historic Charlotte wants you to see it all first hand.

"The home tour on May 11th provides the opportunity to take a pause and inventory where we're at, where we were and where we want to go," she says.

That's why Historic Charlotte is hosting - McBeth says the mid-century  modern period has reached an important milestone.

"The homes have now passed the fifty year mark, and it's an important time to reflect," she says.

John Kencheloe is an architect and chair of the home tour.  "This style of house developed out of a real movement away from traditional houses and the way that people lived," he says, adding that people in Charlotte should take note before the houses disappear.

"The Raleigh Durham era seems to have a tremendous portfolio of these types of homes," Kencheloe says. "Charlotte less and less. People especially in the in-town neighborhoods don't see the historical significance of these homes, or the intrinsic value of these homes and are quick sometimes to tear them down."

For more information about the tour, and to buy tickets, click on the link below.


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