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Reds OF Bruce responds to critics on Twitter


Reds outfielder Jay Bruce is firing back at his critics on Twitter.

Bruce has received some criticism on Twitter from fans bashing his lackluster performance so far this season.

Bruce only has one homerun and is batting .252 as of Wednesday.

Bruce tweeted after the game on Tuesday, "I appreciate all the tweets, good and bad, actually. You guys are what drive the game. I'm obviously not hitting as well as I'd like to, yet I actually feel sorry for the people on here who feel that it's necessary to try and put me down on Twitter. It really just explains further who you are, and there are obviously things in your life that you're unhappy about and you take it out on me via Twitter. I suggest you look into talking with a life coach or something to help you get over whatever you have going on in your life. There is obviously a lack of something going on, and I hope you guys get it straightened out, because you all sound like idiots Everyone have a good night. Haha."

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