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See, Click, Fix: Trashed front yard no longer a problem

I first told you about this vacant home less than a month ago on Clay Bank Drive in Mecklenburg County.

The viewer who brought this to our attention said the mattresses, and what may be other household items, have been sitting in the front yard for the better part of a year.

I reached out to Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James who got multiple eyes - including the county attorney's office - to review this problem.

They found a 1980 ordinance which says the trash in the yard is considered a misdemeanor.

The next step? Getting the homeowner to clean this up.

After doing a lot of digging the county was able to locate the homeowner's whereabouts and learned they were too ill to clean up the trash themselves. So one of their tenants took care of the problem.

The debris that once made this front yard its second home is now gone!

We know you're satisfied too. A viewer said this on our See, Click, Fix page: "I'm happy to report back that the trash has now been cleared out of this front yard Thanks to See Click Fix."

Problem solved.

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