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Poshmark app lets you shop other people's closets

Emily Van Oosbree is a 26 year old who loves to shop.  But she's found shopping other people's closets is more fun, and costs a lot less than shopping her local malls.  "I used to spend a couple hundred dollars a month on new clothing items, now I don't do that because I sell items and then buy other items with that money I made on Poshmark," Oosbree told me. 

The lawyer grew up in a town of 4,000 in Iowa and now has almost 50 thousand followers on Poshmark.com .  The web site and mobile app let you shop in virtual closets across the country.  Emily's closet and style and customer service got the attention of the web site that elevated her to a "suggested user".  Emily's items now end up in more people's feeds, with more chances to sell.

She says the process is simple.  Go into your closet, figure out the items you haven't worn in a long time, take a picture with your phone, download the app and create your Poshmark closet.  The more followers you have, the more people who will see your items for sale.   And if you ‘like' something on Poshmark, it shares that item in a feed with your followers.  It's almost like eBay and twitter and facebook had a baby.  But there's a big difference for Oosbree.  She says Poshmark has taken the headaches out of selling clothing online, and she likes the money.

"I used to sell on Craig's list and eBay but shipping was always a pain.  Poshmark figures the cost of shipping in the cost of the item," she told me.  When she sells her Lucky Brand shorts for $12, Poshmark will take 20% of that, she's left with just under ten bucks.  Poshmark will arrange all the shipping, in fact all she needs to do is put the items in a box or shipping bag, Poshmark gives her the labels.

The one item she's not too happy to list, her ‘destination wedding dress'.  She and fiance' Eric had to move their location and so the dress must go…but this item she hasn't priced to sell!  "I put it at a really high price because I don't really want anyone to buy it because I love it," she laughs.

You can check out Poshmark here.

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