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Sheriff: Mom arrested after lying about child's cancer

Sandra Jean Lloyd. Source: Calhoun County Sheriff's Office Sandra Jean Lloyd. Source: Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office says a mother has been arrested after lying about her son's terminal cancer.

Chief Deputy Matthew Wade says 41-year-old Sandra Jean Lloyd told the Wellborn community her son was dying from terminal colon cancer. The sheriff's office says her son's teacher asked why he had missed so many days of school, and she replied that he had cancer and was being treated in Birmingham and Nashville. The school staff decided on their own to pitch in and help the boy.

"The community rallied and provided her with money, gas cards, and vehicle to transport the child to St. Jude's cancer center for children," Wade said.

The school's staff even provided cases of Pedialyte for the boy after they heard that he was not eating well. A local car dealership sold Lloyd a used car for a nominal fee to help transport the boy to his appointments, but investigators say it was all a lie.

Lloyd even created a Facebook page asking for help for her allegedly sick child and on her personal page wrote status updates about how the medications were keeping her son awake.

The alleged hoax came crashing down when Lloyd was arrested on an unrelated warrant and a teacher called to check on the sick child. Lloyd's husband, who investigators believe did not know about the alleged scam, told teachers his son was just fine. The school's staff were left stunned, angry and frustrated, officials ay.

Lloyd was booked into the Calhoun County Jail on Friday, April 26 on a felony charge of first degree theft of property by deception.

Investigators met with school staff on Monday afternoon to figure out how much money and goods were given to Lloyd to see if she will face any additional charges.

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