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PSI: Closing a window of frustration

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Rob Dumas has been waiting to build his own dream home. He made a career out of building them for others.

"It's going to be beautiful," said Dumas.

The plans had been drawn up. The work was well underway on an 11 acre patch of nowhere in Cabarrus County. Then came the problem.

 "We're missing something," said Dumas.

He's missing most of his windows. He bought 37 of them through Direct Buy.  The windows were then ordered and delivered by a company called Norandex. It was the start of a $24,000 foul-up.

"When they first come with the windows they dumped off in my garage here all a bunch of vinyl windows," said Dumas. "I said they are not even mine."

Those windows went back and new ones came out.

"17 of them were between four and six inches too large," said Dumas.

Five more had other problems. It was a head scratcher of a mistake because the window sizes are all spelled out in the building plans.

"The guy just needed to cut this (the window specs) out."

Norandex admits the mistakes, but instead of an immediate credit, Dumas says they were asked to keep the windows. He says he was asked to reframe where the windows were supposed to go. Dumas says the company offered to help pay.

 "$7 a window, would you work for $7 dollars," said Dumas. "No, nobody would."

The cluster of mistakes, the delay in sorting it out quickly created another problem. Dumas couldn't draw any more money on his home construction loan until the window stage was finished. It's hard to do when you don't have windows. It's hard to get new windows when you're account hasn't been credited so you can order new ones.

And with the money dried up it was hard to pay sub-contractors, working on other parts of the house.

"So, now it's you know, I'm looking bad in the community," said Dumas. "The yankee don't pay."

WBTV contacted Norandex.   A manager told us they had credited what they owed to the Direct Buy account.  He wouldn't say how much. He said it was private information. The company did not respond to our request for a further interview.

Direct Buy's Douglas Dillon told WBTV in an email Norandex "shorted the refund and fought us on every penny."  Dillon said "to avoid further embarrassment" with Dumas, he and his wife would "personally make up the difference."

Dillon says he is still fighting to get more money back.

He says he will no longer do business with Norandex and has taken all steps to make sure the Dumas family is taken care of.

"Direct Buy pulled through for us," said Dumas.

The credit was finally made. New windows were ordered, delivered and installed. The Dumas dream home is back on track.

"You guys (WBTV) were awesome no doubt," said Dumas. "The windows are in its like yeah, time to rock and roll."

The house should be finished by early summer.

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