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East W.T. Harris Blvd set to reopen after rush hour Friday morning


A section of W.T. Harris Boulevard in east Charlotte will remain closed between Wallace Avenue and Delta Landing Road through the Friday morning rush hour to complete repairs from a water main break that occurred Monday.

A 12-inch pipe under the road has been repaired by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (CMUD) crews.

On Tuesday, the trench on site was backfilled, but the fill material hasn't fully set, so paving the roadway has to be postponed. Paving operations should begin Thursday morning, and the road should open to traffic prior to Friday morning's commute.

Motorists are advised to use the following detours:

Harris Boulevard North:  Harris Boulevard to Albemarle Road to Central Avenue to Sharon Amity Road to Hickory Grove Road. Local traffic can then turn left or right to Harris Boulevard.

Harris Boulevard South: Hickory Grove Road to Sharon Amity Road to Central Avenue to Albemarle Road. Local traffic can then turn left or right to Harris Boulevard.

According to CMUD, crews repaired the 12-inch water pipe under the 8000 block of East W.T. Harris Boulevard sometime early Tuesday morning. This is near Wallace Avenue.

Water pressure was restored around 12:43 a.m. Detours will remain in place until Thursday morning. On Tuesday, crews will replace a storm drain and begin backfilling the trench with new soil. On Wednesday, crews will start paving the road.

City officials say about 100 customers had their water restored shortly before 1am Tuesday. Those people had little or no water since 7 a.m. Monday morning. Some residents suspect the problem started as early as 4 a.m.

"When I got up this morning to use the restroom, for some reason it sounded funny" says Cynthia Williamson. "So I turned it on and just a little bit of water is coming out. When I did get up a little later, it wasn't on at all."

Residents in the area were offered bottled water for the inconvenience.

Brian Gaines, on Wallace Avenue, says in the morning when he turned on the water in his house, the pressure was low. He thought it was because his wife was doing laundry.

"I came back home from school about 12 o'clock and that was it right there {no water}"says Brian Gaines. "That was it. I ran back out to corner where police were - where they were giving out gallons of water and I grabbed a gallon."

Officers blocked off the road nearly a half-mile from the water main break because the water was bubbling up to the road.

Cynthia Williamson is evidently a planner.

"I'm sort of like one of these people who is old fashioned" she says. "I got a bunch of jars saved up that I put up and I just got me one of those jars of water and I've been using it since this morning."

This area includes; Wallace Avenue, Wallace Glen Drive, Muskogee Drive, Wallace Cabin Drive, Wallace Creek Lane, Thornhaven Court, Green Vista Court, and Chiefly Court.

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