Discover how your new Toyota Bluetooth technology works!

technology in new Toyota
technology in new Toyota
new Toyota near Charlotte
new Toyota near Charlotte

Bluetooth wireless technology is an incredible feature to have access to. In fact, many new Toyota actually come with this feature now! If you've ever gotten behind the wheel of a N Charlotte Toyota, then chances are you've seen buttons either on the steering wheel, audio system, or both that have the symbol of a phone on them. If so, then you've been in a vehicle that supports this type of technology. Why is this feature such a great one to have, and what are the benefits to using it, though? In order to answer those questions, it's important to first understand how Bluetooth technology actually works.

How does Bluetooth work in my N Charlotte Toyota?

Bluetooth technology is a system that enables multiple devices and types of technology to communicate with each other without requiring the use of wires. Along with being found in vehicles, it can also be seen at work in other scenarios such as in homes and offices connecting printers to computers. How is it able to wirelessly connect to different devices? Bluetooth basically uses radio technology to transmit information at shorter distances. How does this refined system work inside your new Toyota?

  • A small transmitter that both sends and receive wireless signals is found in both your smartphone and your vehicle that's equipped with wireless technology. 
  • When the Bluetooth technology is activated on both your smartphone and in your vehicle, the transmitter sends out wireless signals for the devices to communicate with each other. 
  • As the wireless signals are sent and received, the information it contains is able to be broadcasted through the audio system!
  • This enables drivers to not just speak through their phone without having to hold it, but also stream any music that they want to play through the speakers. 

Because of Bluetooth wireless technology, your new Toyota in N Charlotte can easily take care of your communication and entertainment needs – even when you're on the go! Some used cars near Charlotte also have this capability, so you can have access to high-tech features while still sticking to your budget.

What's the benefit of using Bluetooth technology?

Besides the fact that it's an incredibly convenient feature, having access to this kind of technology can actually help improve safe driving practices! For instance, because you can now wirelessly receive and make phone calls, it's not necessary to hold the phone in order to carry on a conversation with the person on the other end. This enables the driver to keep their hands on the wheel! As already mentioned, this technology also equips drivers with the possibility to stream any music that's on their smartphone through the sound system in their new Toyota. If their new Toyota in N Charlotte also has audio controls on the steering wheel, then this is another convenient and important safety feature. Not only do they not have to mess around with cords in order to access music that's stored on a technological device, but drivers can also modify the volume or change the song simply by pressing a button on the steering wheel!

With all of these kinds of benefits that Bluetooth wireless technology offers in a new Toyota in N Charlotte, it's hard to not want to make the most of it! Call us at (888) 883-3797 to find out more about this technology, and which vehicles come with it already installed!