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Toyota of N Charlotte helps you handle roadside emergencies!

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Getting caught in a roadside emergency is never enjoyable. One of the last things any N Charlotte Toyota driver wants to deal with is a long-term delay in a trip because of an unexpected event or emergency. With our tips, though, you can not only learn some tricks on how to avoid these types of situations, but also learn how to handle these situations when they occur in a quick and efficient way to help minimize stress and be back on the road in no time! Regardless of if you have a new Toyota near Charlotte or an older model-year and different make, it's important to know how to tackle different situations as they occur so you can always be prepared! 

How can I avoid an emergency in my new Toyota?

One thing every driver can do to help avoid dangerous situations and delays is making sure their vehicle is in prime condition. The best way to do that is to make sure it's receiving regular recommended and routine auto service near Charlotte. While dropping off your vehicle for the day may not sound entirely appealing, making the effort to ensure that a certified and trust-worthy mechanic is able to give the time and attention your new Toyota near Charlotte deserves can go far in helping you avoid even more costly delays in the future! Some important features a mechanic might check to ensure everything is in working order include: 

  • Tires – do they need to be rotated or inflated?
  • Air filter – does it need to be changed?
  • Oil – does it need to be changed?
  • Brakes and brake pads – do these need to be replaced?

No matter if you have a brand new ride, or a used car in N Charlotte, it's important to make sure it receives necessary and regular auto service to help it stay in tip-top shape!

How should I handle an auto emergency when I'm on the road?

Depending on the type of situation you encounter, there are different steps you'll want to implement to take care of it. A typical driving scenario that many a driver has run into is a blown out tire. The common response many new Toyota drivers have in this situation is to slam on the brakes and try to move over to the side of the road as quickly as possible. While you definitely want to get over to shoulder, it's extremely important to slowly coast over in that direction. The best way to safely get out of the way of traffic if your tire blows out is to squeeze on the gas for a few seconds while ensuring your vehicle stays in a straight line. Then slowly let off the gas, and gently turn the wheel so you're coasting towards the edge of the road. 

If you have any questions about how to give your vehicle the auto service it needs, or would like to learn more about emergency situations, you can always speak with one of our incredible Service Team Members here at Toyota of N Charlotte! Stop by and see us anytime. We're open until 10:00 pm every day, and you can find us at 13429 Statesville Road off of I-77!


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