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New survey yields concerning results about teen driving


Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a new national survey says many teens don't see a problem with driving impaired.

Charlotte resident Toni Williams, 18, admits she is lucky to be alive. The Rocky River High School student lived to tell the story of a deadly car crash that killed her best friend, Martha Rosales, 16, at the beginning of April.

Police say Sydney McDaniel, 18, was under the influence, and was driving the car, with her 11-month old son, Rosales, and Williams as passengers.

"We didn't know she was drunk, because if I had known she was drunk, we wouldn't have gone anywhere," Williams said.

A new survey put by Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Liberty Mutual Insurance says 23 percent of teens admit to driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs used illegally, or marijuana.

"The stats bother us tremendously," said NC Highway Patrol Sgt. Mike Vickers.

Vickers spends his days combating impaired driving. WBTV showed him the survey, and he wasn't surprised. He says a growing problem with teen drivers is medication, both non prescribed and prescribed.

"People are operating under the illusion that it's prescribed and given to me by a physician, so it's got to be ok. They don't read the warning labels that are on the bottles," Vickers said.

Sydney McDaniel was arrested and charged. Her 11-month-old son was released from the hospital shortly after the crash

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