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CMS police checking students' social media pages


Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) District police department is checking students' social media activity when needed. The department says when it gets a tip about a student's bad behavior on a social site, they immediately investigate.

"Anytime we have calls," CMS Police Detective Kenny Lynch. "Where a student is seen holding a weapon on a picture, that's concerning to us and we will immediately send someone out to follow up on that."

The department had to follow up recently when a student was arrested for making a bomb threat at Hough High school. On his Twitter page, he was holding a rifle that was real. Lynch went to the student's home and informed his parents. They didn't know about the picture or how their son got his hands on their weapon.

Lynch says this happens most of the time.

"Many times we are bringing this attention to the parent," Lynch said. "Who had no idea lot of time. "

The parents have now better secured the weapons so their son won't be able to get his hands on it.

CMS police are using this case to remind parents to regularly check their kids' social media sites.

"Most parents are very happy to have that information," the detective said. "They want to know what their kids are doing, but I think a lot of times in today's world - we get a little busy as parents. It's easier to hand them that mobile device and not really pay attention that mobile device is giving them access to the world."

CMS police don't have the manpower to surf social pages all day, but when they do get a tip that's when they react.

"We want to keep our students and staff safe." Lynch said.

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