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Eagles baseball player overcoming the odds

Rock Hill, SC (WBTV) – Well into the throws of baseball season, the Winthrop Eagles are hard at work. They have great players all over the diamond, but there's one who faces a challenge bigger than baseball.

Michael Patrick was born 85% deaf and over time, it's gotten worse. Right now, he's about 97% deaf and his Dad said by 25, his hearing will be completely gone.

He's been playing baseball since he can remember and nothing will hold him back. He discovered he had a hearing impairment at a young age and has adapted by reading lips and avoiding the use of a hearing aid.

Patrick is a freshman at Winthrop University and already the starting centerfielder. He said his Dad is his best friend and has always preached to work hard, going on to say his goal is to work harder than anybody else out there.

Tom Riginos, Head Coach of the Eagles baseball team, said Patrick plays and practices at 100% all the time. That was one of the main reasons he was recruited, amongst being a key player at Northwestern High School. Coach Riginos said Patrick has leadership qualities and will be a big part of the team over the rest of his collegiate career.

Patrick hopes to play for the Atlanta Braves someday; in the meantime, you can find him centerfield at Winthrop Ballpark.

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