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Brigida's Blog: Sometimes you gotta talk yourself down off the ledge


Here I am 111 days into being on #TeamNOSugar – and I still. get. cravings. Ahhhhh!

Boggles the mind doesn't it!

Don't get me wrong, they no longer happen every day. But when they do, WHEW. They come on with a quickness!

Like last night -- at work. I'm trying to focus on writing my story and that little devil (my name for sugar) is talking to me something FIERCE.

At first I told myself it would pass. It didn't, LOL! So, to shut it up, I made myself some wild berry tea hoping that little bit of sweetness would help.

It did…and the craving eventually passed.

But here's the thing, folks: you never really have this beast--another name I have for sugar--beat. And, just when you think you do --BAM! It rears its ugly head as a reminder.

So you know what? Sometimes you just gotta talk yourself down off the ledge. Period.

There's no big secret or magic answer. You just gotta talk yourself out of it going to the vending machine or the pantry of the freezer or God forbid, a late night run through the drive-thru!

So whether your cravings are hormonal (ladies, I know y'all feel me!), you had a rough day or dang it – you just REALLY want some chocolate, know that they WILL come.

It's just all about how you deal.

I mean, sure you could cave and give in to the beast OR you could remember WHY you gave it up in the first place.

For me, it's because I wanted to change – no SAVE – my life. I wanted to get control of this once and for all. And while yes, you will be fighting this little devil for the rest of your life – it's about the KIND of life you want to live. One that's strong, powerful and full of limitless possibilities. One that's not dictated by food. One where you're not eating out of boredom, stress or some other emotion.

Studies show it takes at least 30 days to develop a new habit. You're halfway there, folks!

But a footnote in those studies should be: even when you're way past that 30 days, you will still have cravings. They won't be as bad and over time it gets easier to resist, but you WILL HAVE THEM.

So the next time that beast is staring you in the face (like that blasted weather cake in the WBTV break room earlier this week!), you tell yourself NOTHING taste as good as being in the body of your dreams FEELS.

It will pass. Talk yourself down off the ledge. And walk (or run!) away.

Editor's note: Before starting any new health and fitness plan, please consult your physician.

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