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Growing pains for Indian Land


Lancaster county leaders say about 70% of the growth that's happening in the county is taking place in Indian Land,SC.  Construction is happening all at one time up and down Lancaster Hwy. Neighbors like the growth but then they don't like it.  Leaders are telling their constituents, they can't have it both ways.

"Folks are saying yea we want to do this," Lancaster County Council Chairman Larry McCullough said. "But we don't want new things here, but we want new restaurants - well new restaurants bring new traffic and all, and then again people say we need additional jobs, but jobs bring growth."

The growth is happening fast, so fast county leaders want to be sure they have a handle on it.  That's why leaders are talking to an outside consultant to help them manage the growth and come up with a comprehensive plan.

"If you have a plan," McCullough said.  "And you lay it out and say this is where we want to go, when things come up and requests come up - you can say does that match with the plan or not."

The comprehensive plan could cost taxpayers about $100,000.  Taxpayers say having a plan is good.  They worry if a plan is not in place, what Indian Land would look like down the road.

"My only concern is," Taxpayer Roger Laphan said. "We will turn into an Independence Blvd where everything is congested and traffic - not really kept well."

Not only do taxpayers want a plan in place, they want a diverse set of businesses coming to town.

"It has to even out," Taxpayer Karen Hoag said. "So there is something for everyone."

McCullough says the growth plan could crack down on how close gas stations are to each other.  Everywhere you go in Indian Land there seems to be a gas station.  Currently two are being built in Indian Land.

"Perhaps you have," the county chairman said.  "Something like if it's densely populated, you can have them only a mile and a half apart."

No word when the comprehensive plan would be complete but before it is done, county leaders say the community will have the opportunity to weigh in.

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